Light is very important element from every illuminated sign in order to be visible. During the years different sources of light have been used for signage needs.

10 years ago most of the channel letters and light boxes were illuminated with neon or fluorescent lamps, because LED technology was still not efficient enough to provide the amount of light needed. Now we use mainly LED for all our channel letter signs and many of the light boxes.

What is an LED?


LEDs are semiconductor diodes, electronic devices that permit current to flow in only one direction. Every diode (in most cases) is formed by bringing two slightly different materials together to form a PN junction, the P side contains excess positive charge, the N side contains excess negative charge (electrons).

When a forward voltage is applied to the PN junction (heretofore referred to as the junction), electrons move from the N area toward the P area and holes move toward the N area. Near the junction, the electrons and holes combine – the energy is released as light that is emitted by the LED.


For our products we use only high quality LED modules, this guaranties long and productive life of your signs.


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