Civolution 5 years Aniversary

Civolution is the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetize media content. They wanted to celebrate their 5th anniversary on 21 November online by connecting all of  their offices in NY, LA, Londen, Paris and Holland (Eindhoven) . Next to the CEO speaking, and having drinks, they wanted to do things together. That is why with the help of our virtual trainee Suze  we chalenged them in a online team multilevel competition between their offices. In the different stages of the website the Civolution employes have to break codes, play online game, answer bonus questions, produce original team movies and upload them on the website. All of their progress and activities were displayed on a dynamic dashboard. All the results and  awards were announced on the event page together with the CEO greeting speach at the live event. The website engaged 95% from the Civolution`s  employes , and they spent more than 35 hours on the website, breaking 206 codes and uploading 12 team movies.