Monolith signs are impactful, and are usually placed outside an organization or place of business so that they can be seen from far away. They are slender signs that are tall, and can be illuminated internally or externally if desired.

The totem sign is often utilised as an entrance feature to draw in the crowds and increase footfall to the desired site, be it a service station, business premises or retail park.

A totem presents the character and style of a venue and assists the brand design to achieve maximum visibility, by displaying various visual effects.

The totem has the responsibility of capturing the visitors, enhance the visual impact  and ensuring the strong standing.

Our totem signs are manufactured with high quality materials and fully support any additional effects such as illumination to suit any style of venue.

Ensure you stand out with our MONOLITH & TOTEM SIGNS

The benefits of Monolith & Totem Signs vary from raising brand awareness, clear location indication as well as presenting commercial and retail signage effectively. IS Group offer full expert consultancy advice on the placement and design of your monolith & totem signs, ensuring shoppers and visitors are fully aware of the commercial site and its services.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience with designing, manufacturing and installing monolith & totem signs. Our project managers are able to carry out full site surveys and planning applications, ensuring each stage of the project runs smoothly

If you’re considering a monolith sign for your office block, company building, retail park or organization, talk to us and we can design and manufacture one that’s perfectly  for you and makes you standing out.

Ensure you stand out with our MONOLITH & TOTEM SIGNS